Habitat Raises Student Awareness of the Importance of Public Space September 8, 2015

Habitat-1In order to mark World Habitat Day and this year’s topic “Public spaces for all”, Habitat for Humanity Macedonia and the students from the international high school NOVA organized an exhibition of photographs from public spaces around the city. The students’ photographs are at the same time a call to the community to improve the conditions of the public spaces, thus to contribute towards better quality of life for everyone.

The event was followed by a debate, organized by the students from the debate club in NOVA. The topic of the debate was: “Should we prioritize the commercial interest of a free space, or give importance to the public interest by creating meaningful and enjoyable public places for the people”.

“Public spaces are the grounds where people socialize and come together as citizens and neighbors. Habitat’s message from all around the world is universal – regardless of our differences, we all need simple, decent and affordable shelter. In this same context I perceive the need for accessible public spaces, that will bring the communities together and will contribute for better living Habitat-2conditions for each citizen that is part of that community” – said Liljana Alceva, Deputy Director of Habitat for Humanity Macedonia.

“Our cooperation with HFH Macedonia started few years ago, through our program for Community Support in which all high school students take part. We are proud to emphasize that each year, our students and their teachers take active part at Habitat’s construction site in Veles, building homes for the people in need. Today’s event is one more way to further extend our mutual determination to give back to the community by volunteering and through personal example” – said Katerina Zlatanovska Popova, PR from NOVA.

World Habitat Day is one day of the year which reminds us that we need to rededicate ourselves to a world where everyone has decent place to live and to join our efforts until the right to adequate shelter is recognized as a basic human right. World Habitat Day was established for the first time by the United Nations General Assembly, with a Resolution in 1985. Ever since then, each first Monday of the month of October is the day in which the world marks the significance of having adequate shelter, as basis for development and prosperity. Habitat for Humanity Macedonia, as part of Habitat for Humanity International – an organization that seeks to eliminate poverty housing, is regularly supporting World Habitat Day. The cooperation between HFH Macedonia and the high school NOVA started few years ago, and the common dedication to support the community is what brings these two organizations closer.

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