MI-Da Grand Motors Celebrates Golden Anniversary for Ford Transit September 14, 2015

50yrs-Transit-resizedA half century after Ford Motor Company introduced the iconic Transit, commercial vans continue to make a significant and growing contribution to the European economy, according to a new study.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research report shows that van-dependent businesses contributed a total of €584 billion to the major economies of France, Germany, and the U.K. in 2014 – an increase of 16 per cent compared with 2010, and an amount approaching the overall economy of Switzerland.

Ford commissioned the report to better understand the impact of commercial vans on today’s European economy. The report highlights continuing growth in usage, driven by transport for online shopping and newly-created businesses in trades like painting, plumbing and plastering; and traditional van-based industries like building, maintenance/repair, utilities and transport.

“Most people see the Transits and other work vans on the road every day and don’t realize how vital they are for business at large, as well as the overall economy,” said Barb Samardzich, chief operating officer, Ford of Europe. “Even as our economy changes and evolves – with shifts to online shopping for example – the demand for Transit vans is only rising.”

In Germany – Europe’s largest economy – the online shopping sector grew by 25 per cent year-on-year in 2014, and is forecast to grow a further 23 per cent during 2015. In 2014 shoppers in Poland and Spain spent 23 per cent and 20 per cent more online respectively than during the previous year.

This rapid growth has contributed to a continuing increase in the number of working vans, and has strengthened the market for new vans in Europe’s key markets.

Ford was No. 1 in commercial vehicles sales in September and year-to-date as demand continued to grow for its completely new and expanded Transit range – including Transit, Transit Custom, Transit Connect and Transit Courier – and the transit rangeRanger pickup. Commercial vehicle sales were up 26 percent year-to-date. Market share for the period was up 1.5 percentage points at 12.8 percent, the best share performance in almost two decades. Customer orders for Transit grew 25 percent in September.

The Ford Transit has become one of the world’s most popular commercial vehicles, with approaching 8 million vans built. Lined up end-to-end, those Transits would circle the globe.

The Transit range has been present on the Macedonian market for more than 20 years and within that period Mi-Da Grand Motors has established cooperation with over 550 companies as well as numerous state institutions. From the largest in the range – the Transit Van, down to the new Ford Courier; Mi-Da Grand Motors has maintained excellent retail prices, high quality servicing and flexible financing options for all domestic companies, proving to be the backbone of the Macedonian economy as well.

To celebrate the fifty year milestone, Mi-Da Grand Motors is offering 50,000km free of charge servicing for any model from the Transit range. More information concerning this offer can be found on www.ford.mk or via appointment with the fleet sales manager of Mi-Da Grand Motors, Tatjana Perisic.

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