EVN Macedonia Wins First Prize for the Idea Management Project September 21, 2015

EVN Macedonia-resizedThis year, EVN Macedonia again took part in the National Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards. For the first time, the company applied in the category “Ethical Governance” where it received the first prize for the project “Idea Management”. By winning this award, EVN Macedonia becomes the first company in Macedonia to have won first prize in all five categories of this traditional national award.

The project “Idea Management” includes establishing a system within the organization that manages ideas that will lead to the continuous improvement of the internal processes and the customer services. Two sources for generating ideas were established: internal – ideas from the employees, and external – where universities, research centers and other companies are among the contributors. Starting from November 2013 until now, more than 100 ideas have been submitted, and many have been fully implemented already. The success of Idea Management is not only measured by the number of submitted and realized ideas, but also by their effects.

“Our employees are the most precious part of EVN. They make the difference in service. They know our internal procedures best and how to optimize them, to serve the needs of our customers even better. With the project “Idea Management” we encourage all of them – regardless the hierarchy – to actively contribute in the improvement in a transparent and fast way.  In order to give additional incentive, the company dedicated a special budget to award the implemented ideas.” stated Mr. Stefan Peter, Chairman of the Management Board of EVN Macedonia.

The award for the “Idea Management” project motivates the Management Board to continue to stimulate employees to actively participate in the development of new projects and tools that further advance the ethical governance.

Until now EVN Macedonia has received six first prizes at the national awarding ceremony for CSR – two in the category community investment, and one in each other categories: employee relations, market relations, environment protection and ethical governance. Over the years, EVN Macedonia has also received special acknowledgements for six different CSR projects.

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