Weekend Seminar for Potential Entreprenuers November 3, 2015

The last weekend of October, AmCham Macedonia in collaboration with Summer Work and Travel Alumni (SWTA) Macedonia and the U.S Embassy organized a workshop on “Real lessons of social entrepreneurship: How to build from scratch”, led by Sam Vaghar, a young social entrepreneur and the Executive Director and Co-founder of the Millennium Campus Network (MCN).

Mr. Vaghar through numerous interactive activities explained to young enthusiastic entrepreneurs the meaning, role and importance of social entrepreneurship. With the help of the audience, he tried to discover what are the real problems in the Macedonian society and through social entrepreneurship they together tried to find solutions from different points of view. Many participants have realized that they implemented social entrepreneurship in their work , without knowing it. Mr. Vaghar also presented how he and his company are helping the society. The second day, participants set goals that they plan to complete during the next year, and all agreed to send the results to Mr. Vaghar.


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