M2M Learning session on Nextsense’s E-archiving System November 17, 2015

On Tuesday, November 17th,  Aleksandra Gjeorgieva, Sales Specialist at Nextsense shared the features of their e-archiving system. She explained the process of  system’s document organization, distribution, and classification, highlighting that  the system supports integration of all documents that one company receives and creates. Another useful toll that is part of the system’s functionalities is usage of bar codes for archiving documents. The advanced search functionalities can help companies better and faster search through their entire documentation.

The event was useful for companies from different sizes and many participants were interested to gain additional information for the system. Impressive number of 92% of the participants said that they got new knowledge and 75% of them gave high scores for the presenter.

The presentation by Ms. Aleksandra Gjeorgieva – available here.


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