Tikvesh Winery Celebrated 130 years of Passion in Crafting Fine Wines November 23, 2015

Tikves-proslavaTikvesh Winery has been the symbol of fine wine making for more than a century, constantly changing and adjusting itself during that period to increase its core value and importance within the entire region, while responding to the needs of the market and its consumers.

The development path of Tikvesh to being the regional leader on the wine market and undoubtedly positioned in the global wine industry, has been founded on the hard work and the craftsmanship of combining local and international grape varieties and the creation of a unique taste. Today Tikvesh produces more than 50 different types of wines of exceptional quality, placing more than 65% of its products on the markets of 25 countries world-wide. Every year, Tikvesh is presented more than 50 awards at world-renowned wine competitions. The success of Tikvesh Winery is a result of the vision implemented by means of strategic investments in the production process, new technology, human resources, quality, as well as the promotion of its wine on foreign markets and the development of wine culture in Macedonia. All these segments have enormous influence on the achievements of what Tikvesh is today, along with its rich 130-year tradition.

The celebration of the 130th anniversary took place at this year’s Young Wine Festival. The festival is organized by Tikves Winery at the winery premises in Kavadarci sixth year in a row. The guests at the festival, numerous friends and business partners among which representatives of the diplomatic and business community, as well as public figures and media representatives, enjoyed the perfect weather and wines from the latest vintage, combined with delicious specialties prepared at the spot by the extraordinary team of well-trained staff led by the Tikves Winery Restaurant Chef.

The wonderful atmosphere during the two-day festival was complemented by the performances of esteemed Macedonian musicians, such as Tavitijan Brothers, Vlatko Stefanovski and Tijana Dapchevikj. Guests had the opportunity to tour theTikves proslava-2 winery and discover how Macedonian’s Finest is made, as well as visit the specially created exhibition representing small pieces of the rich history of what is today the most contemporary winery in the region.

In addition, Tikvesh Winery used this event as a fund raising opportunity and motivated the guests to make a donation for a humanitarian cause, while receiving specially bottled young wines, otherwise unavailable for sale. The individual donations by the festival visitors amounted to 130.000 denars and were matched by Tikvesh Winery. The total sum of 260.000 denars was given to the State Center for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA to be used for procurement of equipment and rehabilitation of day care centers operating within this organization.

Thus the Young Wine Festival gained an additional dimension. Tikvesh Winery once again confirmed its long-term dedication to realize socially responsible projects of interest to the wider community and supporting various segments of social life, including offering help and assistance to those who need it the most. This was a truly remarkable value to add to the celebration of the 130-year jubilee.

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