Alpha Bank: Your Card – Your Bonus! November 24, 2015

Tvoj Bonus-logoAlpha Bank AD Skopje has recently launched campaign for its unique “Your Bonus” Program, that rewards bonus on the customers’ account anytime they use American Express Credit cards.

The program offers the following advantages:

  • Up to 15 % cash back on customer account, depending on the merchant or the point of sale;
  • No minimum billing amount; and
  • No limit on the bonus one customer can receive!

The bonus is transferred on customer’s American Express account in 48 hours after the transaction and it’s recorded in the monthly statement.

Take a look at the list of merchants and the bonuses customers can receive for every purchase with their American Express credit card.

Only users of  the American Express Credit cards, issued by Alpha Bank AD Skopje can participate in the program.


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