Halkbank AD Skopje Open Deposit -12 Months December 9, 2015

Halkbank-Stedenje-za-webWant to save but you believe that you don’t have enough initial funds, you want a monthly investment or pace that suits you?

Halkbank AD Skopje offers a product that will provide a happy future for you and your family.

Open deposit for individuals offers multiple investments during the contract of the deposit. Ideal for those who save every day, as much as you want, when you want.

Save by the easiest and most comfortable way, open a standing order, and the Bank will automatically transfer funds to your savings account.

  • Minimum amount of depositing is 3.000 denars/50 euros
  • Payment of the interest on the maturity day or monthly

Interest rates :

Saving in MKD on 12 months: 2,00%
Saving in EUR on 12 months:  1.00%

For more information for the deposits offered by the Bank, please click here or visit Halkbank’s web site.

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