Kamnik Winery: An Excellent 2015 Completed, An Exciting 2016 Expected December 25, 2015

Kamnik-cestitka-finalChateau Kamnik is finishing 2015 as a year of success shared with its stakeholders, enhanced with visions for even more delicate wine tastes in 2016 for all wine lovers.

The team of Kamnik winery describes the passing 2015 as an exciting and motivating year. This is what they say: “When it comes to recognitions and awards that mark 2015, we received the most recent one from the President of the Republic of Macedonia, H.E. Gjorgje Ivanov, and from the Association of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce. It is the Recognition of Macedonian Quality 2015 which is special for us as it arrives at the end of the year, here at home, as a confirmation for the achievements our wines reached in 2015. Some of the most important accomplishments at global wine competitions and events that we have to mention are those of Ten Barrels Syrah Reserva 2012 that won a gold medal and was ranked 3rd of the 10 best syrah wines in the world at the prestigious French Syrah du Monde 2015. This wine also won gold at AWC Vienna 2015. Signature Merlot Grand Reserva 2012 made its way to the gold medal as well in Vienna, but also at Vino Ljubljana, and the Croatian Gast awarded this wine with a Champion trophy. Ten Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 is another gem with the double gold medal and the International Champion Trophy, both from Terravino 2015 Israel, and with the gold medal from the International Wine Contest Bucharest 2015.

When it comes to the wine novelties in 2015, a truly refreshing surprise for the summer days was Golden Temjanika 2014, accepted with joy by the Kamnik wine fans. This premium dry white wine with shiny gold flakes of 24-carrat edible gold, introduced a touch of luxury among the fine wines, for a reasonable price, and it is the first of its kind on the Macedonian market.”

In terms of the state-of-the-art technologies in the wine world, the most recent upgrade in Chateau Kamnik winery is the mono block from the renowned Italian producer Della Toffola  enables a highly efficient completion of the production process.

Finally, the new, recently introduced Chateau Kamnik web site, submerged in the warm colors of the sun, depicts the spirit of the winery which is embodied in their creations, Kamnik wines.

To all the members of AmCham Macedonia, Chateau Kamnik is wishing a year of health, good luck, filled with joyful days and many moments to celebrate in the year ahead.







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