Domaine Lepovo Grand Cuvée – New Luxury Wine January 5, 2016

Domaine Lepovo Mock up FInal Grand Cuvee blackDomaine Lepovo launched new exclusive wine Grand Cuvée, thus expanding the offer of luxury wines on our market. Domaine Lepovo Grand Cuvée is a perfectly balanced blend of Vranec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with the best practices of the French wine school embedded in this remarkable wine along with the knowledge and experience of the renowned wine maker Philippe Cambie.

The estate Domaine Lepovo, where the grapes are cultivated and the wine is produced, is truly a special place characterized with favorable grape growing conditions. The sun, wind, climate and soil are impeccably aligned for the production of sophisticated wines. The long, sunny days and short relatively warm nights in the period from June to October, combined with the steady cool wind along the nearby river Vardar, allow the vineyards to be in perfect health condition and the grapes produced with high and constant quality.

The ideal grape growing conditions in Lepovo are paired with strict viticulture practices, maximum quality control, selection and rigorous cluster reduction on the vine. Only the two best grape clusters are left on the vine and picked at the peak of their maturity, when the concentration of the taste and aromas are highest. Additionally, the powerful characteristics of this wine are attributed to the 18-month aging in brand new French (ICON) oak barrels, each used for only one vintage and replaced with new ones the following year.

All these elements add to the exclusivity of Domaine Lepovo Grand Cuvée. Due to its outstanding quality and attractiveness, the wine is positioned in the premium price segment. Now available only in Macedonia, Serbia and on selected foreign markets only in limited number of hospitality establishments and sales locations in the country. Its uniqueness and high value makes it a perfect exclusive gift and a wine for special occasions.

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