Macedonia: Windows 10 Influencers Campaign #W101010 January 5, 2016

Microsoft CampaignThe unique and one of a kind Microsoft’s campaign, W101010, took place in Republic of Macedonia as well, in the last month of 2015, December. The campaign’s name was customized and it was named as „10 познати. 10 дена.Windows 10.“ meaning “10 famous people. 10 days. Windows 10.” The two mainhashtags used for it were #W101010 and #најдобриотдосега(#najdobriotdosega), which translated means ‘The best one yet’, which isactually one of the slogans of the global Windows 10 campaign. For 10 days, 10influential people nationwide were selected to be part of the W101010 campaignand share their opinion, comments and personal experience of the new OS,Windows 10.

10 people with diverse points of interest, but still tech savvy and with enthusiasm for technology, were eager to compete and share with the Macedonian IT community their thoughts of the Windows 10, by sharing their experience of the OS by using their tablet devices, TESLA M8WK, in their everyday activities. In their posts they incorporated and included dose of humor, wittiness, knowledge, advices, all with one final goal: To ensure the good response of Windows 10 at the current and potential users as well, by joining the global Windows 10 family.

The campaign was announced publicly, on December 10th 2015, the same day the W101010 officially started. On this gathering the 10 famous people were given their tablet devices for use and in the spirit of healthy competitiveness they were also given one t-shirt for each one of them which resembled a sport shirt with the number 10 on the back. Each shirt had their surnames and public names printed on the back, and at the front the official Windows 10 logo were included as well as the 2 official hashtags of the campaign #најдобриотдосега and #W101010. Although the campaign lasted from 10th until 20th of December, still the competitors continued to post until the 23rd of December about the new OS, Windows 10.

The last outcome of the campaign: 2.746 likes, 63 posts, 37 shares, 25 new articles, 1.605.762 people reached.

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