A Winning Combination: FULM–Work&Travel–Internship February 1, 2016

FULM-ssEncouraging young people in their education and development is a permanent commitment of FULM Savings House. One such example, in which FULM Savings House helps young people, is Ana Kostovska, student from Skopje, and this is how she summaries her FULM experience:
Like most students, I also wanted to go to America through the Work & Travel program. I needed money, so I started looking for options for a student loan, to be able to finance myself as a student, and once the program is completed, to return to Macedonia and close the loan.

My parents’ friend recommended FULM Savings House, fully satisfied with their financial services and offers. When I went to one of FULM Savings House branches, I came across a very courteous and highly trained staff, ready to answer all my questions related to the loan, how to apply for the loan, what were the most suitable options for me and the methods to repay it.

I immediately realized that that was what I was looking for, and that for me as a student these were excellent conditions: I will not be a burden to my parents – they will not have any obligation. I will raise the loan and close it on my own whenLOGO FULM I return.
The experience from the Work & Travel program in the USA, realized with the student loan from FULM Savings House was the real winning combination. I spent four wonderful months working and traveling across America. When I returned to Skopje, I had a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence because I was able to realize the whole trip on my own. I applied for the loan, financed the trip and closed the loan on my own.

When I went to FULM Savings House to close the loan, in a friendly and relaxed conversation with the employees telling them how I spent the summer in America, I mentioned that my studies are almost over and that I was looking for
an opportunity for an internship. They advised me to send in an application and a CV to FULM Savings House’s e-mail. I applied and after a while I was invited to start. For 3 months I had the opportunity to work together with the
same helpful staff, always ready to assist both parties of the desk office – the clients as well as the practitioners, to complement my knowledge, instruct me in the best possible way and prepare me for what the future holds.

… And I am not hesitant regarding my future steps … I know where to turn to … FULM has loans for employment, for employed …for everything I might need …


Ana Kostovska

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