Philip Morris TKP Awarded Young Entrepreneurs and the Best Student Ideas February 25, 2016

Philip Morris-TKP-resizedThe Award Ceremony held today in Prilep marked the end of a six-month program “My Idea! My Business!” conducted by CEED Macedonia, thanks to the full financial support of Philip Morris TKP. The project’s main goal was to support the entrepreneurial spirit and generation of fresh business ideas, in order to increase the employability of young people in the Pelagonija region.

“My Idea! My Business!”, conducted from September 2015 up to February this year, was aimed at young people aged 18-30, who are young enterpreneuers or those who plan to become ones in the very near future. In the first part of the program, the participants attended several educational modules, which have helped them develop their business knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, as well as their skills for creating business plans. Top five of them who presented the best and most sustainable business plans, received one-term, non-refundable grants to help them with their business start ups.

In addition to the these five grants of 2000 USD, Philip Morris TKP awarded seven creative students with grants in the amount of 500 USD each, for particaipating in the Case Study contest within this project, and developing sustainable solutions to the pre-defined business problems.

“Recognizing and rewarding initiative, innovation and courage, as well as creating opportunities for professional development are part of our company philosophy and these values in particular were appreciated during the selection of the best and most sustainable ideas. We recognizethe potential of the Pelagonija region and we hope programs such as “Moja ideja! Moj biznis!” as well as the new business stories we helped build through this program will motivate others in order to boost employment and entrepreneurship in this region”, stated Mihael Solter, General Manager of Philip Morris TKP.

Through its business activities as well as social engagement programs, Philip Morris TKP will continue contributing to the economic and social development of Macedonia and Pelagonija region in particular.


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