PayWell Macedonia Salary and Benefits Survey February 29, 2016

PwC PayWell ReportThe newest edition of PwC’s PayWell Macedonia Salary and Benefits Survey has been finalised.  It was prepared on compensation data provided by companies from the industry sector. As a result of this survey, the Overall Market Report is available.

A number of customized analyses and reports, based on the headcount and revenue of the participating companies can also be derived from PayWell Survey. The qualitative part of the report comprises information on specific compensation policies (e.g. salary increases, fixed and variable bonuses, etc.) and analysis of the benefits available on the market from company cars to meal tickets.
In this edition of PayWell Macedonia, the data collection package includes:

Benchmark job catalogues, comprising 27 benchmark jobs, grouped in two categories:

– general jobs, common to all industries (21 jobs);
– specific jobs for Industry Sector (6 jobs).

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