60 Years of Vitaminka – 60 Years of Memories March 14, 2016

For 60 years Vitaminka has been part of us, of our memories. When we go back in time we can recall memories special for every one of us, like the joy of our first home, moments spent with parents, pranks when we were children, our birthdays. All of these moments spent with our loved ones mark our life. Many times these lovely memories are overlooked and we forget to enjoy in moments which will never come back but we should remember them. The Company that has created the largest world of flavors and which has been part of the lives of many generations, marks its 60th anniversay of its operation, production and creating of memories and precious moments.

Vitaminka celebrates 60 years of existence reminding us of all those important moments. Not to forget the beauty of socializing, of moments for our own, of parents’ care, of our celebrations.

As everyone does, the company also has its joyful moments. A seemingly simple story which has started 60 years ago in Prilep, has now grown into a regional giant within the confectionary industry. Vitaminka, a Macedonian origin brand, has become a regional brand encompassing vast number of products. 60 years ago, no one thought that the small producer of ground red pepper one day will become what it is today – one of the most powerful Macedonian companies. Stobi Flips, Cevitana, Atlantis and many other brands are part of Macedonian vision that has become a reality. A success which is reflecting Vitaminka in the business world today, as a company with remarkably wide range of products, which has created and builds several powerful brands every day, a Macedonian producer well known and present in around 30 foreign markets and a business operator which grows and shows positive results year on year. Besides the positive impact on the national economy, the significance of Vitaminka in improving the local economy by the large number of employees and additional collaborators’ chain is no less important.

Nothing happens by accident and the success of Vitaminka is not accidental as well, it is backed by 6 decades, many generations, many stories which are told and are yet to be told. In the meantime, while we are watching the 60 years anniversary video of Vitaminka, we will recall certain memories, but we will also recall the growth of the company through the decades.

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