Call for Volunteers to Prepare University Students for the Job Market March 31, 2016

Could you spare a few hours to share your professional experience with university students? AmCham is seeking volunteers to speak at the UKIM Faculty of Economics and/or South East European University (in Tetovo and/or Skopje) throughout 2016. Suggested topics include:

  • Effective search strategies to gain work experience – your first job is to find your first job! Introduce students to the job/internship searching process;
  • Creating a professional image – give tips on dressing for success, developing a professional network and using social media to create a professional image of yourself;
  • CV writing/interviewing skills – give students friendly and honest feedback on their CV and practice interviewing. Advise students on how to further develop their experience in order to enhance their CV (volunteering, etc.) while they job search;
  • Public speaking/presentation skills – help students practice developing and delivering presentations on a variety of subjects in front of an audience with the guidance of a professional;
  • Teamwork – show students how important teamwork is to success in life; introduce them to basic professional teamwork concepts;
  • Professional testimonials – present your current job, necessary skills, challenges, advantages. The goal of these sessions is to expose students to different career possibilities and inform them on what they can do now to prepare for each of them; and
  • Career counseling – help students begin thinking about possible career paths that may fit their personal interests, abilities and talents and also make a plan for developing themselves toward a certain career path.

Most of us remember what it was like to leave university with very little idea what to expect in the working world. Please considering helping the next generation of professionals in this small way. Contact the AmCham executive office for more information: 3216 714.

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