NOVA’s PTA Organizes 10th Annual Family Bazaar  April 28, 2016

NOVA’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organized the 10 annual PTA Family Bazar fundraising over 4000 euros aimed at improving conditions for the children and youth with impaired vision from the State School “Dimitar Vlahov” and for the support of NOVA’s extracurricular activities.

The event was opened to the whole community under the motto “Equal opportunities for all children”. Intended for the whole family, delicious food and treats were offered at the international food tables, prepared by NOVA parents, with assistance from their respective embassies. This activity was responsible for more than half of the funds raised, with the outdoor grills prepared by the USA and Macedonian tables, selling hamburgers and “Destan” kebabs, attracting the most amount of customers.

Inside the school, on artisan tables creative hand made merchandises was sold, made by local craftsman. The charitable nature of the event was further stressed by the presence of representatives from the beneficiary school “Dimitar Vlahov” school, who were there to both raise awareness for their cause and also collect additional funds, with the sale of hand made products made by the school’s students.

The children’s corner proved to be the most popular spot, with this year’s theme being “The Farm”. Children had the chance to pet animals, hug cuddly rabbits, and even ride a pony ,while learning about the farm, wild life, and reptiles. There was a photo booth available where they could take pictures with some of their favorite animals, such as the albino piton and various lizards.

In the book corner the children could enjoy reading and buying English language books, with the Bazaar always having  a focus on child literacy, as part of NOVA’s educational mission and vision.

Throught the event NOVA children provided entertainment to the Bazaar guests with their dance, song, and music performances. Visitor’s were also treated to a special performance by  a “Dimitar Vlahov” student.

Finally, visitor’s had a chance to try their luck out in the Bazaar lottery with over 120 valuable prizes from the event’s trusted sponsors. During the lottery drawing, the PTA presented a 1000 euro dental voucher from Endomak to a student from “DImitar Vlahov” in need of braces. The charitable nature of the NOVA community was reaffirmed, by a NOVA kindergarten student who donated the lottery’s main prize, a 15,000 den check from Halkbank, to “Dimitar Vlahov”. This donation was matched by one from the Qatari Embassy.

All in all,  the NOVA PTA appropriately marked the Bazaar’s anniversary celebration, by putting together one of the best attended events thus far. They are already hard at work preparing for next year’s event. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

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