Pivara Skopje Partners with Municipalities April 28, 2016

Over 8.000 students will be educated for safe and healthy school days

At the celebration of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work – 28 April, Pivara Skopje, for a third consecutive year continues with the implementation of the voluntary project for education of the primary school students on topics related to health and safety in the school environment. This year, more than 8.000 fourth graders from over 100 schools in 14 municipalities and cities across the country are included in the education activities, which is a several-fold increase compared to the previous two years.

The project is implemented through interactive and graphic presentations which are adjusted to the age of the students and performed by the employees of Pivara Skopje who, as part of the established practice of the company, regularly train and update their knowledge in the field of occupational health and safety.

Through presentations, students in the presence of their teachers, gain knowledge and practical advice on how to maintain proper body posture while sitting in the school bench or while working on a computer, how to prevent injuries caused by slipping, stumbling and falling and how to act in case of an eventual fire breakout in the school.

“Considering that the good habits are acquired at a younger age and that they are extremely important for creating healthy generations, we are happy to realize this project aimed at encouraging awareness among the youngest about the importance of health and safety in schools and later on in the workplace. I am proud that this year, 60 of our employees, on a voluntary basis, signed in to convey their knowledge to the students. It shows our corporate culture which is based on the support of the values and the interests of the community”, said Jovan Radosavljevic, General Manager of Pivara Skopje.

Apart from the presentations, the children received educational materials that should help in conveying the key findings and recommendations in order to ensure safe and healthy school days.

Pivara Skopje continuously cares and invests in the health and safety of its employees, consumers and the wider community. For the previous achievements and activities in this field, the company has won the National Award for best practices in the field of occupational health and safety. Pivara Skopje is one of the first companies in Macedonia which as early as 2007 introduced and was certified by the leading international standard for occupational health and safety management – OHSAS 18001.

For further information: pivara.skopje@pivaraskopje.com.mk

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