Pivara Skopje’s Launches New Beer: Skopsko Smooth April 28, 2016

SKOPSKO SMOOTH PACK SHOT 11 04 2016 resizedSmooth and fresh, like it was just brewed

Yesterday, on an innovative press conference, Pivara Skopje launched Skopsko Smooth and officially marked the beginning of another successful beer story. This beer has been inspired by SKOPSKO, as a fundamental Macedonian brand icon, with a single aim of offering new generations’ fresh and balanced beer.

Skopsko Smooth is the first beer in Macedonian produced of 100% hops aroma, by employing the latest technology of cold filtration, which is a result of the 90-year-long tradition of innovation in perfecting the beer brewing process at Pivara Skopje. The process of cold filtration does not include a process of pasteurization, thus allowing Skopsko Smooth to stay fresh as if was just brewed. Skopsko Smooth is a lager beer with smooth, refined and refreshing flavor, with 4.5% alcohol contents and a best before date of 90 days. That is precisely what makes Skopsko Smooth to be the freshest beer on the market.

“As an innovative company, Pivara Skopje is constantly focused on developing the best brands and service, to make sure that our consumers get the best experience worth sharing. Pivara Skopje is constantly committed to leaving an imprint of positive changes, helping develop beer culture and introducing a breath of fresh air in consumers’ lives.  Skopsko Smooth was the result of precisely that commitment”- stated Mr. Jovan Radosavljevikj, Pivara Skopje’s General Manager.

Inspired by youth’s rebellious energy, Skopsko Smooth is a beer with an attitude, a beer which has a lot to say and show, and which shares the same progressive and fresh spirit that characterizes both young people, and those who feel young irrespective of their age.

“Skopsko Smooth is produced by means of cold filtration, and I can proudly say that we are among the first producers in the region and one of Heineken’s three breweries applying this innovative technology. Along with the top quality ingredients which are used to produce all our beers, it gives Skopsko Smooth a different and progressive character”- declared Mr. Kircho Stojanov, Beer Production Manager at Pivara Skopje.

By this innovation, Pivara Skopje has once more proved its commitment to employing innovations in all segments of its operations, as a part of Pivara Skopje’s long-term plan of developing beer culture.

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