OKTA’s “Guarantee” Program Confirm the Fuels Quality and Quantity May 5, 2016

Okta imageFew months ago the company launched a unique Program “Guarantee” for control of the quality and quantity of fuels at all petrol stations with brand OKTA. As part of the Program, a team of independent controllers was conducting regular and unannounced inspections. The results so far have shown stability in the quality and quantity of fuels that can be found in the entire OKTA retail network.

“Following the example of other companies that are part of the Hellenic Petroleum Group, in OKTA we created the Program “Guarantee” as a new link in the chain of providing consistent quality and quantity to our customers. Given that the inspections are conducted at the petrol stations themselves, the program is another confirmation that OKTA has developed a system that allows continuous monitoring of our fuels at all stages of the supply chain. We will continue to actively implement the Program this year, and thus we can make our customers confident and secure for every liter purchased at OKTA petrol stations,” stated Vuk Radović, Director of Supply and Trade in OKTA.

As part of the Program, the inspected fuel dispensers are marked with yellow control sticker that reads “Verified” for guaranteed quantity. The analyses of fuel quality are performed at the petrol station itself and also in laboratory conditions, thus ensuring the reliability of the sample and inspections.

The program continues to be implemented in the future. The mobile laboratory together with the independent team, specially trained for this purpose, is going to perform continuous and unannounced inspections through the entire retail network with brand OKTA.

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