EVN Macedonia – The Bright Side of Life! September 29, 2016

Logo_EVN1EVN Macedonia marks 10 years of operation. In the past decade, the top priority of the company was to create a reliable and stable distribution system and security of supply of electricity.

The transformation of the power system in the Republic of Macedonia is closely linked to the entrance of EVN Group in Macedonia. In the past 10 years EVN continuously invests in the modernization, development and reconstruction of the existing and construction of the new distribution grid on all voltage levels about 300 million euros.

The process of investments in renewable energy sources opened room for modernization and increase of the capacity of 11 small hydropower plants. The company built 5 new high-voltage substations and overhead lines, or a grid in length of 50 kilometers. The newly-built high-voltage underground grid has a length of 105 km, while the new medium-voltage grid is 2800 km long. These investments improved the quality and reliability of supply.

According to the Masterplan of EVN Macedonia, in the coming years projects are planned for continuous improvement of the quality of the distribution grid throughout the territory of the Republic of Macedonia in which we will invest 700 million euros. The goal is clear; to ensure safe, reliable and quality supply of electricity with continuous investments and implementation of new technologies in the future.

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