Sparkasse Banka & Pakomak reward environmental awareness for 4th year in row September 29, 2016

Eko2016“Recycling?!” – SAY YES!

That was the motto under which Sparkasse Banka and Pakomak awarded the elementary schools that showed exemplary results in the waste selection and recycling contest.

Almost 43.000 students from 76 elementary schools in various municipalities took part in an activity that spanned for the whole school year. They organized the collections of plastic bottles and in return, they received liquid soap that can be used in their schools. Also, they learned about the importance of waste selection and recycling, waste decomposition time, energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy that provide environment protection and sustainability.

In the period of 2015/2016, students from multiple municipalities, managed to collect 1.100.000 plastic bottles, which transfers to around 32.100kg of plastic material. The organizers are satisfied with this huge numbers that highlight the efforts and challenges that modern times bring.

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