OKTA Supports Humanitarian Race October 26, 2016

The Wilson Relay Race “GIVE A HAND 2016” took place on October 15, 2016 at the bank of the river Vardar in Skopje. It was organized by the Association of citizens for people suffering from the rare Wilson disease, with financial support by the company OKTA.

The main goal was establishing a regional support centre for patients suffering from Wilson’s disease. At the end of the race, OKTA’s Chief Executive Officer, Ioannis Geroulanos was given an appreciation letter by the association as an acknowledgement for sponsoring the event. The funds that were collected from this humanitarian race will be used for purchasing reagents for early detection of the rare Wilson disease and also for the establishment of a centre that the individuals suffering from this disease will benefit from.

By providing support for the association, OKTA’s goal was to raise awareness of Wilson Disease among the public and the healthcare community. Additionally, inspired by the initiative’s success in bringing together runners from all over the country, OKTA will use this event as a foundation to conduct further activities in order to diagnose patients earlier and reduce the consequences of the Wilson disease.











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