Entrepreneurship session with Bett Mickels November 9, 2016

On Tuesday, November  8th, AmCham and Pivara Skopje hosted an Entrepreneurship session at Pivara Skopje’s Educational Center, led by Bett Mickels, American Franchise and Operations Brand Strategist who has held leadership positions in a number of iconic US brand name companies, including Starbucks, Yum! Brands, Ford Motor Company and Jamba Juice.

More than 50 students from AmCham’s “Open a Door” and Pivara Skopje’s “Skills for Success” programs, had the opportunity to learn more on several topics connected to Entrepreneurship:

  • How to think like an entrepreneur;
  • Funding your own business;
  • Understanding the customers;
  • Finding business opportunities;
  • Developing a business strategy.

AmCham Macedonia is very grateful to its long-time members, Pivara Skopje and Motiva for their continuous support of youth development and AmCham’s programs.


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