Special recognition for members that donated to “Skopje Floods” and “Think of Us” campaigns December 5, 2016

On an event  hosted by U.S. Ambassador Baily and Mrs. Capie Polk at their residence on Vodno, AmCham recognized the member companies that donated in response to Skopje’s floods this summer and/or Red Cross Macedonia’s “Think of Us” campaign against hunger.

A total of 20 of our members responded to this summer’s Skopje flood with roughly €474.000 of funding and donations in kind. The largest of these by far was a €100.000 funds donation from Pivara Skopje. Other sizeable contributions came from Granit (loaned equipment & volunteer operators), as well as substantial funds donations from EVN Macedonia, Stopanska Banka, Cementarnica Usje, Komercijalna Banka and Makedonski Telekom.

This year’s Thanksgiving fundraiser was in support of the Red Cross “Think of Us” campaign, which provides food to many local families at risk throughout the year, as needed. For the 3rd year in a row, the AmCham team encouraged members to donate and, though this year’s donations were a bit dampened by the attention on Skopje’s flood recovery, 16 of our members still supported this campaign with over €9.000 (565.600 MKD) of cash and donations in kind. That translates into one-time aid sufficient to feed roughly 360 families for 2-3 weeks.

AmCham’s CSR database has grown throughout 2016 with information on more and more 2015-16 projects from 45 companies.


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