Komercijalna Banka introduces 3D Secure technology for secure payment on Internet December 23, 2016

KB_Logo_web_200pixKomercijalna Banka has introduced an additional 3D Secure protection of Internet transactions with MasterCard and Visa cards.

3D Secure is the highest international standard for protection of Internet transactions. This technology makes automatic computer analysis of each Internet payment in order to ensure that the transaction was initiated by the real cardholder. This verification provides additional protection to clients and prevents abuse before it happens.

The service is used while purchasing from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. No password, additional equipment or special software is necessary. From now on, all the existing and newly issued MasterCard and Visa cards of Komercijalna Banka, both credit and debit ones, will have enabled 3D Secure protection technology, free of additional charges. 3D Secure for MasterCard cards is used under the name of MasterCard SecureCodeĀ®, while for Visa cards under the name of Verified by Visa.

Look for these signs on the Internet sate you purchase on in order to ensure that they are certified and support the 3D Secure technology. By introducing the 3D Secure technology Komercijalna Banka allows provides additional security for its clients and safe use of cards on Internet. For more information and FAQ for 3D Secure go to the following link.



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