Habitat for Humanity Macedonia recognized for contributing to the development and promotion of volunteerism January 11, 2017

Habitat logoHabitat for Humanity Macedonia was awarded with a recognition for the long years of contribution in the development and promotion of volunteerism in the Republic of Macedonia. The Recognition was awarded by the National Council for Development of Volunteerism & the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Republic of Macedonia.

Starting in 2008, Habitat Macedonia each year includes teams of volunteers who contribute to the improvement of the housing conditions of low-income families in Macedonia. So far, Habitat Macedonia hosted 86 teams, with more than 1,700 volunteers from all around the World, and over 10 local teams that facilitate the building of homes for partner families.

During 2016, Habitat Macedonia hosted total of 10 volunteer teams from USA, Canada, Netherland, Germany and Saudi Arabia, with a total of 138 volunteers, contributing with 6762 volunteer hours. Volunteers made a significant contribution to the construction of 12 homes, actively participating in the ongoing construction activities, such as setting up thermal insulation of the facade, internal processing of walls, installation of gypsum ceilings and landscaping around the building, thus reducing the need for hiring a professional labor.

The average score from the experience of the volunteers with Habitat Macedonia as their host is 96.6%, which is extremely high rate and provides great potential for development of the program for volunteers.

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