Development of Retail Park Formats – CBRE Macedonia Info Session February 10, 2017

On February 8th, Goran Zivkovic, CBRE Macedonia’s Managing Director, presented the main advantages of Retail Parks as new real estate opportunities, both for potential investors and for future tenants. The audience was comprised of representatives from member companies and CBRE’s business partners in Macedonia. Mr. Zivkovic highlighted the main differences between Shopping centers and Retail parks, as well as the key benefits on why Retail Parks attract the investors, such as: Low construction costs, Short construction period, Flexible layouts, Lower rents and Better logistical management options.

The main questions from the participants were focused on the types of tenants these retail parks attract, the ROE, preferable size and location of the parks and the occupancy rates. 

The group was eager to hear the comparable experiences from the Serbian retail market where this format showed significant growth and at the end of 2016, contributed with 35% in the total stock.

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