Makedonski Telekom presented at the Mobile World Congress March 8, 2017

Telekom_Logo_2013.svgAt the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Makedonski Telekom presented the new “Well – FI” and “Seamless Connectivity” solutions developed by Deutsche Telekom. Macedonia is the first country in the Group where these pilot projects are tested, and it is expected that next year they will be made available to the users.

“With the new solutions we will provide the customers with greater speed, reliability and capacity of Internet services. By combining the fixed and mobile network, we will get a better signal anytime, anywhere. We will provide better connectivity everywhere for the users to enjoy better services no matter where they are” – said Andreas Maierhofer, Chief Executive Officer of Makedonski Telekom.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona there was a great interest for the 5 G technology of the future presented by Deutsche Telekom. This technology will not only bring greater stability of the signal and faster internet, but it will also be a big step forward in the everyday social and business life. 5G will completely change the way our society works: the machines will communicate to other machines, we will live in smart homes and smart cities, drive smart cars, and will have many other benefits that today we cannot even imagine. It is expected that this technology will be implemented in Europe by 2020.

800 operators and 300 companies from all around the world presented themselves at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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