“Open a Door” Internship Program – Can you accept an intern this year? March 17, 2017

AmCham’s “Open a Door” program will continue connecting member companies with ambitious university students from low income families for the third year. We aim to increase the number of real internship opportunities for ambitious students, promote the value of internships in general and highlight the important contribution our members are already making in this area.

3 students from last year’s program were already hired by our members!

Please contact AmCham Macedonia if your organization is willing to accept at least one intern via our program this year.

We need the following details from interested companies:

  • Internship type, intensity, duration:
    • What, specifically, will the intern do (e.g., job shadowing, receive mentorship, attend company training, work on their own project, etc.)?
    • Duration?
    • Part-time or full-time?
    • Time of year?
    • Location(s)
  • Would you be willing to pay or offer cost compensation to interns (i.e., meals, transportation)? Please note that these costs pose a real barrier for low income students.
  • Your minimum requirements for the intern, if any (e.g., minimum age, relevant areas of study, grade point average)?
  • Could you offer internships in cities other than Skopje?

Last year, AmCham members made 22 internship offers to program participants and hosted interns in the following member companies:

  • EVN Macedonia
  • Okta
  • Pivara Skopje
  • Procredit bank
  • Savings House Fulm
  • Seavus
  • Wabtec MZT

STUDENTS: download the full program application (in Macedonian) here!!


To express your interest and/or ask a question, please contact the Executive Office at: 3214 716 or mail communication@amcham.com.mk .

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