Komercijalna Banka supports “One Can!” Association March 17, 2017

KB_Logo_web_200pixThe association of single parents “One can!” Skopje, on 8 March moved to new premises, owned by Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje. Opening the premises for daily operation will enable realization of and support for certain sustainable activities and creative cost-effective projects of the association. Komercijalna Banka has offered its support to this new association, which fights for the rights of single parents, makes efforts for economic recovery of the members and realization of the vision for equal treatment, transparency of their problems in the society.

In Macedonia, most of the single parents are women, out of whom, most are victims of family violence who had decided to leave the marital union.

In the past 6 years Komercijalna Banka actively supported the NGO activities with women- victims of family violence, through financial support of “First family center” and now again by planning and realization of projects with the “One can!” Association.

Supporting women-victims of family violence and single parents is a strategic determination in realization of the socially responsible conduct of Komercijalna Banka.

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