AmCham Promotes Cooperation with Local Suppliers – Event Highlights April 7, 2017

For the third time, AmCham Macedonia hosted a gathering of procurement professionals from foreign companies and potential local suppliers. This time, local companies from a variety of sectors met with Delphi Electronic Systems Macedonia, Pivara Skopje and Lynx Europe (SASA mine). Each company presented their current procurement needs as well as success stories, challenges and opportunities that they generally face in cooperating with local suppliers. They also discussed standards and procurement procedures, since local companies often perceive them as a barrier.

During the session, the featured companies pointed out that they can serve as an important reference, opening new markets and possibilities for local companies. They also highlighted that, while certain items can’t be procured locally, there is still a lot of potential for collaboration. One suggestion included increasing cooperation between local suppliers to be able to fill larger orders.

Delphi Macedonia’s Bosko Todorovski pointed out that the greatest current opportunity for local suppliers is in supplying the factory with various packaging materials (e.g., cardboard, labels, pallets). He explained that many of their current suppliers were “grandfathered” in from the previous owners of the plant, but that they were always open to unsolicited bids from new potential suppliers.

Aleksandar Jovanovski from Pivara Skopje presented Pivara’s approach to evaluating bids which includes a strong focus on social impact factors, including supporting the local economy, cultural heritage and more. The session then ended with the presentation from Lynx Europe’s Ivica Talevski, who said the organization gives local suppliers “a head start” by granting them an additional 5% in bid evaluation scorecards.

The event was a great networking opportunity for local suppliers and will hopefully lead to an increase in the goods and services they sell to international companies working here.

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