New season of the educational series “Energy Mathematics” April 19, 2017

EVN_rz_Logo_10_09_24The application of energy efficiency and rational use of electricity in every segment of life of the people are the topics of the new educational campaign Energy Mathematics – New Generation of EVN Macedonia.

The main focus of the second season of the educational series Energy Mathematics – New Generation is on the rational use of energy in buildings where the cost of electricity is borne by someone else. The lead characters, the younger generation of the family Janevi that we saw in the first season, will lead us to several different locations together with their friends; restaurant, hotel, school, gym, office, supermarket and cafĂ©. Through personal examples they will show us how to behave responsibly and be energy efficient when being outside the house, only by changing our habits.
In the second season of the educational series, in addition to educating about the importance of energy efficiency, the emphasis is on environmental protection and reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which is achieved indirectly by reducing the consumption of electricity.
” Energy efficiency means doing more with less energy. By improving your energy efficiency, you reduce your costs while you do not loose the comfort of your home or office. By changing our habits, together we achieve more. When using less energy, we save precious natural resources and reduce the pollution. Therefore, EVN will continue being devoted to this segment because the effects are already noticeable.” said Shtefan Peter, Chairman of the Management Board of EVN Macedonia.

The educational series Energy Mathematics – Second Generation is part of the Energy Efficiency Platform that EVN Macedonia, together with the Ministry of Economy and the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, has been implementing since 2012. Within it there was a series of educational activities for citizens, businesses and students aimed at greater use of energy efficiency in all segments of modern working and living.
The educational series Energy Mathematics won the prestigious Golden World Award by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA). This was the first such global accolade to be presented to an educational series created in Macedonia.
The platform on the other hand received the National award for social responsibility and was positively evaluated in the European Commission Report for Macedonia.

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