OKTA Launched a New CSR Campaign for Raising Traffic Safety Awareness April 19, 2017

OKTA JPGOKTA launched its new CSR campaign called “I WATCH OUT” intended for raising awareness of traffic safety. A press conference was held at one of the OKTA petrol stations in Skopje with the presence of the CEO of OKTA, Mr Ioannis Geroulanos, a representative from the Bureau for Public Security in the Ministry of Interior, and the famous public figure Zarko Dimitrioski. An interesting activity followed the press conference, in which fuel vouchers were granted to the most conscientious drivers, who were randomly stopped by traffic police and thereby passed the alcohol test implemented by the Law.

Through the national campaign, each month of the year will be devoted to a different topic of traffic safety such as the necessity of protective helmets, the use of a seat belt, respect of speed limits etc. The campaign in its activities will include children as well, through donations of educational traffic polygons, in more than 15 primary schools around the country, as well as a theatrical play on the topic of traffic safety, and coloring books will be distributed to pupils with the aim to learn the basic traffic rules.

Apart from receiving support from the Ministry of Interior, the campaign will be also supported by many public figures and awards will be given to the most conscientious participants in the traffic. By raising social awareness of the personal and collective traffic safety, OKTA expects to contribute to creation of a sustainable culture for safer roads.

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