Deloitte on Double Taxation & Social Security Contributions for Expat Staff May 11, 2017

On May 9th, Elena Atanasovska, Tax Consultant at Deloitte Skopje, shared her expertise on overcoming challenges related to companies reducing their tax and social contribution obligations with respect to expat staff. She provided concrete examples of cases she had managed where companies were unable to take advantage of international agreements that Macedonia had signed in order to prevent expat staff from paying twice for a single benefit. She also recommended that companies obtain the Macedonian Public Revenue Office’s official confirmation of the tax treatment of specific cases, given their very limited experience in this sphere. The group agreed that companies should insist on these benefits and push for the responsible public institutions to fully implement them.

Later in the session, Borce Smilevski briefly introduced attendees to measures being introduced in over 100 countries to prevent Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) and fielded a number of questions regarding the application of such measures in Macedonia.

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