Donation from OKTA for the General Hospital in Gostivar June 15, 2017

The General Hospital in Gostivar received air conditioners and computers, a donation from the company OKTA. In accordance with the needs of the hospital, this donation is intended to improve the conditions for patients and staff, providing means for more efficient work of the administrative office. The donation is part of the company’s strategy for corporate social responsibility and concern for the society.

We are aware of the role that, as such a large company, we have towards the community in which we operate and therefore social care is always the focus of our activities. We have demonstrated the same through a variety of charitable activities, campaigns and donations, which are always our response where help is needed the most. Healthcare institutions are institutions that concern all of us as citizens and therefore their condition should be everyone’s concern and an opportunity for help. As an important business entity in this country, we remain committed to the welfare of citizens and improvement of everyday life,” stated Ioannis Geroulanos, Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

This donation is of great importance for the director of the general hospital in Gostivar.
As a public health institution, with budgetary funds we supply the necessary medical equipment and means that are our priorities, but we always need to improve the other conditions at the hospital. All this goes in favor of faster and more efficient work of the whole staff and better conditions for patients. This donation from the company OKTA is an example of active care of the business sector for the community and public institutions, and the benefit that the patients are going to experience is the true value of the donation,” stated Ylber Ademi, director of the General Hospital in Gostivar.

The purpose of this donation is to facilitate the work of the employees in the hospital, improve the conditions for patients and at the same time enhance its services for the people staying or visiting the hospital. With its presence in charitable activities, donations and campaigns, OKTA creates an inevitably noble image in the society for providing meaningful impacts for the whole community.

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