Makedonski Telekom network becomes much better with 4G access throughout Macedonia June 15, 2017

Makedonski Telekom continuously invests in its infrastructure in order to provide to its customers reliable network and coverage, regardless of their location. As a result, Telekom customers now have 4G access throughout Macedonia.

In order to enjoy the best network, the Company offers to its customers twice more Internet in Smart post-paid and Magenta 1 tariff models. The offer refers to all new customers, for the existing post-paid customers who shall renew 24 Loyalty Contract or 12 Loyalty Contract, as well as for all those who shall conclude new Family Budget Contract.

Makedonski Telekom remains focused on the customers in order to provide them top-quality services and access to the best network. In that regard, the company developed Telekom NetTest mobile application that measures the quality and speed of the mobile network in real time. The application should ensure data which shall further improve Telekom mobile network and the customer experience at the same time.

With Telekom NetTest the customers can self-initiatively measure mobile Internet speed (ping, upload & download), confirm the environment where they are located (in open, closed space or in movement) and give assessment i.e. how much they are satisfied with regards to the mobile Internet.

The application performs measurements strictly to the mobile network, and the testing does not spend the Internet traffic included in the customer’s package. Telekom NetTest application can be downloaded from the following links for Android and for iOS

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