Makedonski Telekom upgrades the network and gets ready for Giganet July 6, 2017

Makedonski Telekom has recorded the highest data transfer rate ever in the mobile network in the country of more than 300 Mbps for downloading. It is due to the introduction of a new, state-of-the-art 4×4 MIMO technology which is an upgrade of 4G and it is a step forward towards the network of the future.

The new technology will provide the customers with incredible Internet data transfer rates, as well as a better customer experience when using mobile internet. The data transfer rate with the new network is twice as high as compared to 4G. If thus far the customers were able to download contents of 2GByte in 2 minutes by means of the basic 4G technology, with the new technology, the time required for the same contents will be only one minute.

“What seemed impossible a few years ago is becoming a reality. Today, for the first time in Macedonia, Makedonski Telekom recorded the greatest mobile network speed ever of more than 300 Mbp/s. This is the result of the upgrade of the 4G network, a new technology, which constitutes only one step forward towards our goal. In the next three years, by means of investments in an amount exceeding EUR 60 million, we are planning to build the network of the future – Giganet, which will not only enable incredible Internet speeds, but it will also completely change our ways of communication” – Andreas Elsner, the Chief Executive Officer of Makedonski Telekom.

Makedonski Telekom has already started implementing the new technology during this summer and it is expected that our customers from Skopje, Center, will be the first ones in the region during this autumn that will use such speeds, while already as of next year this technology will also be available in the other larger cities throughout Macedonia.

Networks with great Internet speeds will be the main challenge for the telecommunications operators in the forthcoming years because of the constantly increasing need for data transfer. In addition to providing greater signal stability and faster internet, the way of functioning of our society will also be changed: machines will communicate with other machines, we will live in smart homes and smart cities, we will drive smart cars, as well as numerous other benefits in the sphere of medicine, education, business, etc.

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