Piperevski & Associates Led Session on Ransomware August 22, 2017

This August AmCham hosted its 7th member-to-member learning session for this year. This time, Mane Piperevski, CEO at Piperevski & Associates, led representatives from 9 member organizations through an engaging presentation on how businesses can best prevent and respond to ransomware attacks.

Mr. Piperevski shared very useful insights into ransomware trends, highlighting the very real financial and operational consequences of cyber extortion. He said $1 billion were paid in 2016 in ransoms around the world and experts predict that another $5 billion will be paid this year. He stressed that no organization is immune to such sophisticated attacks and that most result from employees following infected email links and opening attachments. He provided a number of practical tips on preventing and responding to ransomware infections, the most important of which is to raise employee awareness via continuous training.

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