Karanović & Nikolić’s Focus on Energy Publication Released August 31, 2017

Karanović & Nikolić is proud to announce the publication of its fourth Focus on Energy edition. This year we focus on interesting stories and news in the energy sector in Southeast Europe – which still plays a crucial role when it comes to future developments in the region. Our aim is to provide an overview of the current and future tendencies in the region by outlining novelties in the markets and hot new opportunities, along with the success stories of our clients that operate within the sector. Contributors elaborate on intensified old initiatives and new ones – the coupling of energy markets, the reassessment and redefining of incentives for renewable energy. They share their views on coal fired plants and carbon emissions, as well as other important issues which make the energy sector one of the most dynamic and challenging in this part of the world. The publication also features interesting contributions from the Energy Community and SEEPEX, providing us with their perspective on the local energy markets. Also, Arthur & Cox Law Firm of Dublin shared their opinion on community participation arrangements in Ireland, and Akuo Energy and EFT tell of their experiences in this publication.

Category: Member News