Coca-Cola HBC and Pivara Skopje have confirmed the status of global sustainability leaders September 19, 2017

Pivara Skopje, together with the other members of the Coca-Cola HBC Group, won the first place in the global beverage industry this year too, according to the achieved results in sustainability and environmental protection.

In this year’s global ranking conducted by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), the Coca-Cola HBC Group again scored the most points (90), which is 38 points more than the average of the other companies in the global beverages industry.

This result, for the fourth consecutive year, has brought Pivara Skopje and the other companies within Coca-Cola HBC the status global sustainability leaders, a success that has not yet been achieved by a company or a group in the global beverage industry.

“Being part of a group that has been named global leader according to sustainability results and efforts for the fourth time in a row is a huge recognition for all employees in Pivara Skopje, as well as for all our partners, associates, customers and consumers of our products. They all have their own share in achieving our previous success in the field of sustainability and environmental protection, and that is why we should all be proud of it together. At the same time, the leadership in this area also means an additional motivation and inspiration for all of us to work even stronger and more dynamically to achieve the long-term sustainability goals in the future, which will additionally contribute to the socio-economic development of the whole community”, said the General Manager of Pivara Skopje, Jovan Radosavljevic.

Pivara Skopje achieved high results during last year in realization of several additional projects such as: implementation of contemporary production methods that are in accordance to the newly introduced ISO 500001 standard and that refer to increase of thermal efficiency, further installment of systems for recycling of the water used in the production process, as well as reduction of the weight of plastic (PET) packaging which decreases its environmental impact.

In addition, the companies within the Coca-Cola HBC, including Pivara Skopje, invested additional EUR 7.3 million during last year in the implementation of various environmental projects, such as the cleaning of river beds, as well as projects aimed at the development and education of young people, which increases their labor market competitiveness, as well as projects for education of children in the area of health and safety in schools and awareness of the need for waste selection and recycling.

Notable highlights of the companies within the Coca-Cola HBC Group in the domain of sustainability during 2016: further 6% reduction of carbon emissions in the atmosphere, which contributed to a total reduction of such emissions by 50% in the last six years, the amount of water used for producing a liter of beverage declined by 3% year-on-year or total savings of 30% compared to 2010, as well as additional energy savings of 5% per year, resulting in a total saving of 47% on energy used in the production of beverages in the last six years.

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