IWM Network: The Importance of Website and Digital Marketing for Corporate Businesses September 29, 2017

On September 27th, IWM Network’s co-founder & partner Damjan Dano, delivered a presentation on the Importance of Website and Digital Marketing for Corporate Businesses.  He emphasized that the interaction with the companies’ customers is very important and there is a need for originality in the messages businesses send when trying to capture the audiences attention. In practices this could mean, using the actual photos of your company rather than using a stock photo of “a Company”.

Damjan debunked the popular notion that web design should be viewed as art. He stressed that the websites should be first and foremost simple, practical and be able to tell a story.

The group joined the discussion by sharing the obstacles they face on daily basis, mainly focusing on understanding the data from the website visitors. They concluded that every action could be measured and analysed, and the visitors will give the businesses the directions by which they can set their future marketing strategy.

The participants gave very high marks for the presenter and the M2M session.

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