Help Us Build Macedonia’s 1st Sensory Garden! November 28, 2017

AmCham Macedonia invites you to help build a sensory garden to serve the students and teachers at Skopje’s Dimitar Vlahov School for the Sight Impaired. The garden will be an outdoor classroom where small groups of students work with teachers to develop all of their senses to the best of their ability. It will also be built with sustainability in mind, minimizing the burden on the school’s existing staff, infrastructure and budget.

What is a Sensory Garden?

Sensory gardens are safe places for students to practice many physical skills they need in the outside world, including: walking or riding over uneven ground and on different materials and textures (sand, gravel, stone, wood, grass) as well as touching, smelling and tasting a variety of safe plants, materials and textures (flower petals, herbs, leaves). Birds, squirrels, wind and water all provide wonderful sources of sound.

Benefits of the sensory garden to Dimitar Vlahov students will include:

  • Improvement of fine and gross motor skills,
  • Increased self‐esteem and independence,
  • Equal access to nature to students in wheelchairs,
  • Stimulation of sensory awareness,
  • Reduction of stress, anxiety, frustration and aggressive behaviors,
  • Reinforcement of concepts taught in the classroom,
  • Opportunities for investigative learning, and
  • Providing a non‐threatening environment for learning.

How You Can Help

To build a modest and functional sensory garden of roughly 25 x 25 meters on the school property, we will need a protective fence, hardscape elements (e.g., paths) and a variety of interesting grasses, flowers, herbs and bushes. For this purpose, we have set a fundraising goal of 1 million MKD (~16,000 EUR) by spring 2018. Goods in kind (building and gardening materials) are also welcome!

Donors will be recognized in a variety of AmCham communications and gatherings, starting with a Thanksgiving reception at U.S. Ambassador Baily’s residence on November 29, 2017.

Please contact the AmCham Executive Office if you are willing to contribute in any way to this worthwhile project via or tel: 3216 714.

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