Pivara Skopje’s Insights in their Socio-Economic Study January 29, 2018

On January 25th, Pivara’s  Lambro Patce, Public Affairs & Communications Manager and Dushan Mitrev, Chief Financial Officer, offered a “behind the scenes look” at the creation of Pivara Skopje’s first Socio-Economic Study.

Lambro Patce stressed that they share a common goal with all the investors and business entities in the country, a stable and favorable business climate that will stimulate development, predictable regulation that would be amended and supplemented through dialogue and cooperation with the business sector.  He pointed to presenting the company’s operation to the entire public in a transparent, independent and objective way and its impact on the domestic economy and the wider community, as their main motive for the preparation and publication of the study.

Dushan Mitrev provided a number of practical tips on gathering and analyzing the huge data presented in the study. He also gave kudos to the team that was assigned to this task, for precisely identifying  and quantifiying the key parameters of Pivara Skopje’s operations that have direct, indirect, and induced influence on the development of the Macedonian economy.

The group joined the discussion by sharing their main challenges in producing a similar study for their businesses. The conclusion was that every industry has its own quantifiable data, which could be accessed and analyzed and transformed into facts that would be later used for supporting the company’s direction and strategy.

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