Volunteers Support the Construction of Sensory Garden September 13, 2018

On September 8 AmCham and its members celebrated Macedonia’s Independence Day by engaging in a social service activity and volunteered to help in the last phase of construction of AmCham’s Sensory Garden.

The Sensory garden is a safe places for students to practice many physical skills they need in the outside world, including: walking or riding over uneven ground and on different materials and textures (sand, gravel, stone, wood, grass) as well as touching, smelling and tasting a variety of safe plants, materials and textures (flower petals, herbs, leaves). Birds, squirrels, wind and water all provide wonderful sources of sound.

The volunteer group, which included US Ambassador Jess Baily and Mrs. Baily, kept busy by planting trees and aromatic herbs and painting the wooden construction to protect it from the elements.

AmCham is grateful to all volunteers who took time out of their holiday weekend to join us as we build the first Sensory Garden in Macedonia.

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