Inform yourself about the Transfer Pricing June 10, 2019

If you have any doubts or questions concerning the Transfer pricing rules please note that Grant Thornton Consulting will realize pro –bono, B2B meetings only for the Am Cham members.

Mrs. Maja Filipcheva, Tax Director in Grant Thornton Consulting attended the EMEA Transfer Pricing Training in Dusseldorf. In continuity, this year from 13 to 16 of March the EMEA Transfer Pricing Training was hosting over 40 participants from 19 countries. The main idea of the EMEA TP Training is that’s is happening each year indeed to ensure that TP specialist are up-to-date on important topics affecting all business ,e.g. OECD topics and to share practical examples case studies thru experience gain including new TP rules on the horizon. This year in the focus of the training was Taxation of Digital Services based on the European Commission decision for interim taxation, Benchmarking, Financial Transactions, Low Value-Adding Services. Maja Filipcheva took an active part on the training and together with Mrs. Ana Santiago from Grant Thornton Spain they worked on the topic of low value-added services vs high value-added services and presented a case including defense file for allocation of cost.

Our activities regarding the Transfer Pricing have continued, and in the past period our specialist have realized B2B meeting with the clients and we have had prepared an analysis on their behalf on the transfer pricing requirement, based on the new regulation on force. Our TP specialist is available for in depth conversation of how the lasts Transfer pricing regulation affect your business and what transfer pricing documentation should be prepared.

Insure your meeting on the following contact:
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