Conquering Foreign Markets December 25, 2019

On November 25, as part of the series of events and initiatives designed to help AmCham members and other Macedonian companies expand on foreign markets and start or strengthen their export activities AmCham hosted a panel discussion on the topic ,,Conquering Foreign Markets”.┬áThe speakers shared both successful and less successful examples of their experiences in foreign markets in the areas of market research, marketing, sales, and human resources management. Kalin Babushku, Managing Partner of┬áMacedonia Export emphasized the importance of the Macedonian brand pointing out that the most important element for successful market expansion is a quality product. Milosh Radulovic, Head of Pharmaceutical Corporate Development, Alkaloid pointed out that management should invest in its employees and be always open and willing to listen to the opinions of its team. Kocha Boscu, CEO of Seavus stressed that we should always accept change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle and commit to taking bolder risks.

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