Introduction to Committees

AmCham Macedonia is dedicated to issue-based advocacy via its committees focused on legal and tax issues; intellectual property rights protection; workforce development and corporate social responsibility. These committees gather subject matter experts from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to contribute to the “marketplace of ideas” in Macedonia and do more than complain about the status quo. Specifically, committee members can:

  • Propose joint promotional or advocacy-related activities supported by AmCham and other committee members;
  • Contribute to position papers or articles aimed at helping shape public opinion and policy;
  • Encourage and take part in dialogue between the business community and all groups and institutions involved in or impacted by a given issue;
  • Provide alerts on important business concerns to local authorities and influential organizations;
  • Guide AmCham efforts in a given issue area.

For more information on joining an AmCham committee, please contact the Executive Office at ++389 2 3216 714 or via

Committee Overview

Fair Competition Committee

Lawmaking & Enforcement Committee

Community Engagement & Responsible Business Conduct Committee