• To advocate for the development of company policies that integrate responsible practices into daily business operations, and to report on progress made toward implementing these practices.

Committee Members: 

Alkaloid AD Skopje; Alliance One Macedonia; Cakmakova Advocates; Deloitte Skopje; Ernst &Young Skopje; Euroins Insurance; Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje; EVN Macedonia; Facility Management Services; GD Granit; Grant Thornton; Inbox Archive & Data Center; Karanovic & Nikolic; Komercijalna banka AD Skopje; KPMG Macedonia; Makedonski Telekom AD; M6 Skopje; Nextsense; OKTA AD Skopje; Ohridska Banka Societe Generale; Pivara Skopje AD; Philip Morris – TKP Skopje; Polenak Law Firm; PricewaterhouseCoopers Skopje; ProCredit Bank AD Skopje; Silk Road Bank AD Skopje; Stopanska Bank AD Skopje; SnB React Skopje; Van Hool; University American College Skopje.

Members of this committee helped design and run the following activities and ongoing initiatives:

  • Companies Giving Back in Macedonia database (launched in June 2016)
    • +200 CSR Projects / 44 companies
  • Guest speaker program with the Faculty of Economics Career Center (Cyril & Methodius University) (Started in 2015)
    • Working professionals offer formal and informal training on job searching strategies, interviewing skills, networking, public speaking/presentation skills, teamwork, and more.
    • Volunteers have included: Ana Saltirova Davidovski, HR Manager at Avto Moto Sojuz na Makedonija; Marija Popova Majstorova, HR Manager at ArcelorMittal Skopje; Ljupka Noveska, Attorney at Law at Karanovic & Nikolic; Eleonora Zgonjanin Petrovic, Director of Savings House FULM; Lidija Damcevska, Program Manager at Moja Kariera; Elizabeta Nikolovska, Head of Business Excellence Office  at EVN Macedonia; Borka Ilievska from CMX Solutions; Ivana Dojcinovska-Stojanovic, HR Director at Wabtec MZT AD Skopje.
    • In 2016, we began seeking volunteer speakers also for South East European University’s Career Center (in both Tetovo and Skopje)
  • “Open a Door” internship program for students from low income families (Started in 2015)
    • Considering that quality internship opportunities in Macedonia are rare, our program seeks to make room in the country’s leading internship programs for ambitious young people without personal connections.
    • In May 2015, Pivara Skopje and Motiva hosted a matchmaking session, including an great interactive learning session for 18 students.
    • Throughout 2015, AmCham members made 23 offers students in the program. Internship placements were successfully made in Procredit Bank, Roche Macedonia, EVN Macedonia and Wabtec MZT.
    • In 2016, we have placed 11 low income students as interns in our member companies
  • “Life Skills” Initiative in support of “11 Oktomvri” Orphanage (from 2013-2015)
    • Working professionals provided formal and informal training on a wide variety of topics that reinforced the importance of education and exposed children ages 15-18 to career options and critical life skills (e.g., money management, job searching, CV development).
    • Volunteers for this initiative included: Iskra Tikvarovska Kazandzievska, Marketing Officer at EVN Macedonia; Ivana Dojcinovska-Stojanovic, HR Director at Wabtec MZT AD Skopje; Harizan Mitrev, Plant Manager, Alliance One Macedonia; Hristina Damevska from Karanovic & Nikolic Law Firm; Semos Education; EVN Macedonia; Radojka Helman Denkovska, OKTA; Biljana Jankulovska, Project Specialist and  Kalina Sejfula, Marketing Specialist from Habitat from Humanity Macedonia; Dejan Stojanovic, Territory Business Manager for Macedonia and Kosovo, Cisco Systems Macedonia; Liljana Alceva, Habitat for Humanity Macedonia; Cementarnica USJE; Maja Stevkova Sterieva and her colleagues from Komercijalna banka; UACS professors Elena Bundaleska and Jovanka Jovanchevska-Milenkoska; Angela Kostova-Trpeska, HR Specialist for Training and Education, Makedonski Telekom; Julika Sundovska, Humanopolis; Jelica Ivanovska, HR Manager, Visteon Electronics Macedonia; Aleksandar Narashanov, Head of Brokerage, CBS International Ltd. Skopje

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