• To advocate for the fight against the grey economy to be a higher government priority.

Committee members:

Alkaloid, Alliance One Macedonia, Cakmakova Advocates, EU Delegation, GD Granit, Karanovic & Nikolic, M6, Makedonski Telekom, Microsoft, Okta, Ohridska Banka Societe Generale; Philip Morris-TKP Skopje, Pivara Skopje, Polenak Law Firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers Skopje, ProCredit Bank, Silk Road Bank; SnB React

Members of this committee helped design and run the following activities and ongoing initiatives:

  • Held info sessions to raise awareness among companies;
  • Collected illustrative case studies in line with the above issue areas to present to authorities;
  • Public events
    • Attended and shared insights at the AmCham roundtables on “Consumer Protection and Competition” and “The real market value of Copyrights” (2016)
  • Highlighting the negative impacts of the grey economy on the Macedonian economy:
    • Contributed to AmCham Magazine issue focused on Grey Economy
  • Created case studies of unfair competition challenges in:
    • Fast moving consumer goods sector
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Tobacco and alcohol

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